Thursday, March 18, 2010


Old Connaught House

Old Connaught House, Shankill, Co. Dublin is a plain eighteenth century house that was embellished during Victorian times with the addition of a single storey portico consisting of four pairs of Ionic columns and a conservatory at one end of the house since removed. It was a property of the Gore family and subsequently the Plunket family. Sir Walter Scott visited the house in 1825 and stayed there for a time. Some eighteenth century interior features remain and the building has of late been converted into several apartments. Some of the estate features are currently being restored.

More information on Old Connaught House can be had from the Peter Pearson's book "Between the Mountains and the Sea" a revised edition of which was published in 2007 and that has attracted wide praise.

The painting is a wonderful representation of the house and was done by Geraldine O'Riordan for the winner of the Irish Georgian Society Reffle 2009. I am sure that the winner is delighted with his painting and the Cork Chapter of the society is very grateful to Geraldine for her imagination in coming up with the concept, designing the raffle tickets and promoting the idea as a fundraiser for the society.

Geraldine's online portfolio can be viewed on

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