Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Evening with The Friends of Fairfax House, York and The Cork Chapter

The Cork Chapter and the Friends of Fairfax House, York, jointly hosted a unique event at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, for members and friends in September 2012.  The splendid sculpture gallery that houses the fine Canova castings of the Greco-Roman period, together with the magnificent Neo-Classical sculpture casts of the nineteenth and twentieth century periods, set the tone for a sparkling reception between the York and Cork friends.

Crawford Gallery Director, Peter Murray, delighted visitors with his talk on the works of art that surrounded his audience, while the Corkonians present quietly glowed with pride in the midst of their fine artistic heritage.  Buff Reid, spokesman for the York friends, conveyed her appreciation of the warm Cork Chapter céad míle fáilte.  Buff also thanked the Chapter for the help and local knowledge extended to the group in the planning of the itinerary of the South of Ireland Tour of stately homes by The Friends of Fairfax House.

Linked by common interests, everyone quickly got to know each other as stories were swapped and experiences shared.  The reception concluded with a much anticipated private tour of the gallery.  The group was happy to linger and admire the extensive collection of work on view at the gallery.

The event was a spectacular success, budding friendships blossomed and new ones were established.  Firm commitments were made to strengthen links between the two countries.  The prospect of a return visit to York by the Cork Friends remains as a possibility in the not-too-distant future.

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